Assurance Capital is an unlisted private investment company. It is based in Melbourne and focuses on ASX securities, in particular small / microcap and special situations. In 2021 a revamped investment strategy was embarked on with a number of objectives which included:

  • Expanding the investment team to enhance research capabilities.
  • Consider alternative structures to facilitate raising external capital.
  • Provide a fair an efficient way for a private investor to have their money managed well.

The vision of the company is that a small amount of additional external capital, and a modest performance fee incentive can create a win-win outcome for all. This is based on the view that a relatively low amount of new capital contributions will not negatively impact future performance of the investment team. We believe the new focus with more research capabilities and combining our best ideas can even improve our returns going forward.

We are not interested in charging any base management fees.

We manage Assurance Capital the same way we think about our personal SMSF funds. We are conscious of capital preservation as well as growing the fund.  Please refer to the other sections of the website, including the recent presentation, to get more information about our approach to investing.

Assurance Capital does not hold an AFSL and is therefore subject to certain restrictions with accepting new investors. However we welcome contact from those interested in our investment capabilities. We are currently exploring different structures that may better facilitate growing the pool of capital we manage. We would also like to grow the network of sophisticated ASX small / microcap investors we can collaborate with. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, our details are available on the contacts section of this website.

Although Assurance Capital does not hold an AFSL, in late 2022 we have collaborated with an AFSL holder that launched a management investment scheme with our input. Please visit the FUND UPDATES section to learn about the latest news in that regard.


Assurance capital does not hold an AFSL. Information on this website should by no means be considered as financial advice, either general or specific. Please seek your own independent financial advice.


This website might occasionally blog about some of our investment ideas. Feel free to enter your details in the subscription area under the “fund updates” heading to be notified. We do not share your details with anyone.